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Post: Ukrainian refugees living on a cruise ship complained of discomfort


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Observer: Ukrainians living on a cruise ship in Scotland suffer from discomfort

MOSCOW, December 2 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian refugees spoke of the difficulties of living on the Ambition cruise ship chartered by the Scottish government for their accommodation. author observer newspaper

Ukrainians told the publication that many of them suffer from cough and indigestion. So, a resident of Kiev, who had been on the ship for three weeks, said that he had heard of such cases, while the interview, as the newspaper wrote, was interrupted by a security guard who asked the journalist to abandon the ship.

As the Observer noted, the plight of Ukrainians is alarming amid reports of quarantine caused by a scarlet fever. For example, one man said that he and his son spent a week in a cottage in early November after a bacterial infection was detected in the boy. According to the refugee, while he was aware of at least one other such case, no official quarantine announcement was made.

Refugees also complained that they could not open the windows of the cabins due to the smell from the nearby dumpster, as well as having difficulty sending children to the local school. According to an Observer source, in November, dozens of children had to walk to school after being told “there is no money in the budget for school buses”.

In addition, occupants are not allowed to leave the ship in the quay area, as security guards explained to the Observer that this is a “restricted zone” and dangerous to move due to the movement of special equipment. To leave their temporary homes, Ukrainians have to take special buses that take them either to the port entrance or to a nearby shopping mall.

The Ambition ship docked at the industrial dock of the Clyde Harbor in Glasgow, Scotland and was chartered by the regional government to accommodate 1,750 Ukrainians. About 1,200 refugees currently live there. Another ship to accommodate Ukrainians, the Victoria I, docked in Edinburgh harbor. In total, around 22,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Scotland since February.

Source: Ria

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