Post: In Russia, they created a car suspended from a helicopter for special forces.

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CEO of Argo company: Russia developed a pram suspended from a helicopter

MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA Novosti. Konstantin Bagdasarov, general director of the Argo company, told RIA Novosti at the Vezdekhoder exhibition in Moscow that Russia has developed a tactical all-terrain car for special forces that can be transported on the outer sling of a helicopter.

“We created a mobile tactical platform for special services. It is based on the UAZ chassis. The rear part-transformer can be changed in 5 minutes. A tactical module is mounted behind the pedestal in the compartment. Bagdasarov provided the possibility of external suspension in a helicopter with places on the frame,” he said.

According to him, for the sake of the availability of the service, a set of engines and transmissions with “razdatka” from one of the well-known commercial suppliers is used. The maximum speed of the all-terrain vehicle is 100 kilometers per hour, the carrying capacity is 1.5 tons, and it has the opportunity to go up to 2.5 tons.

Of the additional options, it is possible to install air suspension, central tire inflation system, locks and final drives. To facilitate and accelerate landing and landing, the military version of the all-terrain vehicle does not have doors, and slots for various equipment and weapons are also installed.

“In particular, the front passenger’s windshield is folded down so that it can be fired on the go from automatic weapons. At the rear, on the cargo platform, you can mount up to the ZU-23-2 ( 23 mm twin anti-aircraft gun – ed.)” – added the interlocutor.

Bagdasarov noted that the capacity of the enterprise now allows to produce about 40 all-terrain vehicles per month. In case of a large order, it is possible to expand production.

Source: Ria

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