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Post: The USA announced the real losses of its arsenals due to Ukraine


American soldiers during the exercises. archive photo

National Review: Sponsoring Ukraine Depletes US Arms Stocks

MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA Novosti. The US spent several years on a stock of designed Stinger MANPADS and Javelin ATGMs because of the UAF. National Review Citing Greg Hayes, CEO of the American military-industrial complex Raytheon.

Evaluating the arms supply to Ukraine, Hayes said, “The problem is that in the first months of the conflict, a lot of material was used up. We used 13 years of Stinger production and 5 years of Javelin production.”

He also pointed out that the Pentagon has not purchased MANPADS since 2004, adding that the issue of replenishment of stocks is very serious.

Columnist Jimmy Quinn reports that Washington sent 5,500 Javelins and 1,400 Stingers to Ukraine as military aid, and Raytheon won a $624 million contract to replenish the army’s arsenal.

US Army Secretary Christina Wormuth added that during the Reagan National Defense Forum, the Pentagon signed several contracts not exceeding six billion dollars to replenish ammunition depleted due to support for Ukraine.

But the Pentagon’s attempts to increase weapons production remain unclear. According to the author, this is due to the kind of policy that Republicans, who have won most of the Senate seats, will begin to pursue towards Ukraine.

Against the background of a Russian special operation in Ukraine, the United States and its NATO allies support Kiev with the supply of weapons, the programs cost tens of billions of dollars. Moscow has repeatedly said that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict and that arms shipments have become a legitimate target for the Russian military.

Source: Ria

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