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Post: Meta* may stop publishing news


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Meta* may stop publishing news due to draft law on publishing conditions

WASHINGTON, December 6 – RIA Novosti. The American company Meta* (the social networks Facebook* and Instagram* are banned in Russia because their activities are extremist) threatened to stop publishing news if the US Congress passed a bill that expands the ability to agree on posts to online platforms. conditions for their placement.This was announced by the official representative of Meta * communication service Andy Stone.

“If Congress passes a hasty journalism bill as part of national security law, we will have to consider removing the news from our platform,” he tweeted.

Stone noted that the company would take this step, rather than negotiate with publishers, “unduly ignoring” the benefits social networks provide to the press.

A Meta* spokesperson said the bill would create a “cartel equivalent” for publishers and would require one private company to fund other private entities, setting a “terrible precedent for all American companies”.

“Publishers and publishers host their content on our platform themselves because it benefits them. No company should be forced to pay for content that users don’t want to see,” he added.

Competition and protection of the journalism bill was introduced in March 2021, but was included in the calendar for consideration of legislative initiatives on November 28, 2022, according to open data on the portal of the US Congress. According to the text of the document, it provides online content publishers the opportunity to bargain collectively with the dominant online platforms in the market and negotiate terms for publishing news material on them.

* The activity of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia for extremism.

Source: Ria

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