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Post: Scientist accuses FBI of cruelty for stance on COVID-19


FBI agent in New York. archive photo

Sun: Scientist who says COVID was created with US support accuses FBI of harassment

MOSCOW, December 6 – RIA Novosti. Scientist Andrew Huff, who claimed that COVID-19 was produced in a Chinese laboratory with US funding, accused the FBI of harassment. informs Sun newspaper.

“Huff is preparing to issue an interim injunction … against the FBI and other US government agencies,” the newspaper said, citing legal documents.

It is noted that Huff was previously vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance and worked with confidential data. In his book The Truth About Wuhan, he claims that the coronavirus pandemic is the result of US funding for the creation of coronaviruses in China.

According to the scientist, after he decided to reveal information about the virus, Washington launched an “illegal psychological operation” against him. According to Tuff, military drones began appearing near his home, his home was burgled, his computer and phone hacked. The scientist said that an unidentified person even broke into his house to delete a photo from his computer.

Source: Ria

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