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Post: Italy refused to supply weapons to Ukraine until the end of the year


Ukrainian army firing from the FH70 howitzer. archive photo

Italy’s Defense Minister Crosetto said Rome would not yet supply arms to Ukraine.

MOSCOW, December 7 – RIA Novosti. Italian authorities will not create a new military aid package for Ukraine until the end of the year, Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto quoted the agency. ANSA.

“I assure you that by the end of the year there will be no new decrees on military supplies to Kiev. Let’s see what the government will decide on future aid to Ukraine, and what will be meant by that,” the minister said.

He added that Kiev’s latest demands are primarily related to infrastructure problems on the backdrop of power cuts, especially Ukrainian authorities want generators.

“Italy will continue to support Ukraine within the framework of NATO decisions, and the pace and content of assistance will be determined in the future,” Crosetto said.

Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. Against this background, the United States and its NATO allies continue to pump weapons into the Kiev regime, allocating tens of billions of dollars for this. Moscow has repeatedly said that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict and that arms shipments have become a legitimate target for the Russian military.

Source: Ria

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