WorldChina announces significant relaxation in policy to combat COVID-19

China announces significant relaxation in policy to combat COVID-19


Healthcare workers disinfect a COVID-19 mass testing area in Beijing. archive photo

China announces significant relaxation in anti-covid policy amid public discontent

BEIJING, 7 December – RIA Novosti. Against the backdrop of serious public dissatisfaction with the overly strict “zero tolerance” policy towards COVID-19, Chinese authorities have decided to take further measures to optimize this, including the abolition of indiscriminate universal PCR testing, the ability to stay in home isolation. asymptomatic and mild illness, lifting restrictions on online and offline purchase of antipyretics and accelerating vaccination of the elderly.

Despite the fact that anti-epidemiological control in China remains one of the strictest in the world, the country is again experiencing a worsening epidemiological situation. Since the beginning of November, due to the large number of local COVID-19 outbreaks, all areas in many cities of the country have been quarantined and their residents had to undergo regular PCR testing. Against this background, at the end of November, protests were held in some of China’s major cities – Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan – against the very strict anti-COVID restrictions, with demonstrators demanding the immediate cancellation of curfews and an end to regular restrictions. implementation of a policy of facilitating anti-epidemic measures alongside large-scale PCR testing. .

The State Council Joint Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention and Control Mechanism issued a statement on Wednesday announcing the implementation of 10 anti-epidemic policy optimization measures. Last week, Chinese authorities actively lifted anti-COVID-19 restrictions, declaring a desire to eliminate “surpluses” and unnecessary requirements in the field.

According to the decision, all regions must be scientific and careful in identifying epidemiological risk zones, directing them only to buildings, apartments, floors and households with infected people, and not allowing the arbitrary extension of quarantine to all settlements, streets, neighborhoods and neighborhoods. Settlements. Previously, millions of areas could be quarantined due to several dozen cases of infection.

Authorities have also previously ordered to optimize the conduct of PCR testing if a county or even a city needs to conduct several rounds of universal mandatory PCR testing to identify everyone infected as soon as possible, even if there is a small disease outbreak. PCR testing will now need to be performed by people working or temporarily staying in a high-risk area. Negative PCR tests are no longer required for visiting public places other than medical facilities, nursing homes, child care facilities, primary and secondary schools.

PCR tests and electronic “health codes” are not required when traveling from one part of China to another. At the same time, it is noted that government departments and large enterprises have the right to independently determine epidemic prevention and control measures, for example, to attend daily press conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, journalists still have to give a negative result. 24-hour PCR test.

Another important news is the optimization of the requirements for quarantining sick people. If previously infected asymptomatic and asymptomatic persons and close contacts were sent to mandatory central quarantine, now asymptomatic carriers and those with mild illness can remain in home isolation or go to central quarantine if they wish. for treatment. During the home isolation period, it is necessary to strengthen the health monitoring and pass two PCR tests on the sixth and seventh days of isolation. Close contacts can also stay in home isolation for five days if they meet the necessary conditions, or people who have a negative PCR test on the fifth day can leave the central isolation voluntarily.

At the same time, it was reported that the quarantine in the blocked high-risk areas will be lifted within five days if no new cases are detected there.

Authorities also ordered pharmacies across the country to operate as usual and not to close of their own accord, with no restrictions on the online and offline purchase of antipyretic, cough medicine, antiviral and similar over-the-counter medicines. medicines for the common cold. Previously, the sale of these funds was either prohibited or restricted during different periods of the pandemic, or could only be made after passport presentation.

Source: Ria

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