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Post: Draft law on life imprisonment for facilitating sabotage will be submitted to the State Duma


Flag on the building of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Okhotny Ryad Street in Moscow. archive photo

A bill on life imprisonment to promote subversive activities will be submitted to the State Duma

MOSCOW, December 8 – RIA Novosti. The head of the State Duma security committee, Vasily Piskarev, said that a bill serving a life sentence for aiding subversive activities will be submitted to the State Duma on Thursday.

“It is planned to amend the Penal Code on charges of facilitating sabotage activities and facilitating, encouraging and financing sabotage actions… We see propaganda in the media that our country is committing sabotage crimes, so the law will be amended. “The Penal Code could go up to life imprisonment,” Piskarev told reporters.

He also said that changes should be made to information technology and media laws by ensuring that sources that mention the manufacture of explosive devices are blocked. Piskarev, “We have made changes to the Penal Code for those who do not comply with the ban. The bill will be discussed today.”

Source: Ria

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