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Post: Tyumen fighters delivered surveillance and additional reconnaissance devices


mobilized the citizens. archive photo

Surveillance and additional reconnaissance devices were delivered to the Tyumen warriors on behalf of the governor

TYUMEN, December 8 – RIA Novosti. Instructors of the regional center of pre-conscription training “Patrol” on behalf of the Governor of the Tyumen region Alexandra Mora delivered special devices to special operations participants and provided training on their installation and use.

“I have instructed the Patrol Center trainers to personally deliver our fighters observation and additional reconnaissance devices, and already train them in the use of new special devices. The other day, news came from the fighters. Everything was delivered. … The trainers helped set up the equipment and set up a series of fires. training exercise”, Alexander Moor said on his Telegram channel.

In addition to equipment, residents of Tyumen received warm clothes and personalized packages from relatives and friends.

“Children say they want to do their best and put themselves fully in service thanks to this kind of support. That’s why, my dear fellow countrymen, we are doing everything right. Support gives strength to our fighters, brings victory and brings them home.” ”said Alexander Moore.

Previously, it was reported that regional authorities are working hard to find and purchase thermal imaging and collimator sights for the units. Equipment is technically complex and expensive, but greatly simplifies the performance of combat missions. Part of the equipment was delivered to the coordinated mobilization units in the region at the end of November, the possibility of delivering equipment to other units was being worked out.

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Source: Ria

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