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Post: Americans built a money pipeline in Ukraine


Picture of Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX

In the news around the world today, Sam Bankman-Freed is an embarrassingly smiling creature with plump, curly hair wearing a baggy T-shirt and frayed shorts. A financial genius, a young billionaire who created the progressive crypto exchange FTX and donates a lot of money to charities. Having just bankrupted this stock market, Dr. Evil has warmed billions of dollars of customers.

The world media is full of interviews with Bankman-Freed, analysts wrinkle their foreheads, talking about the evergreen financial pyramids: “That never happened – and here it is again.” The curly fluff filled all the TV screens. Carefully inflate a world-class star from it.

Whether he was an autistic genius misunderstood by his contemporaries. Or a first-class villain who robbed hundreds of thousands of naive citizens. A vegan, a socialist, a zealot who hates luxury and promises to give his wealth to the poor. Convinced polyamorous living in a luxury penthouse in the Bahamas with ten of her colleagues, with whom she has been in various non-standard relationships. Overall, a whole blockbuster story.

However, putting all these Hollywood script developments aside, it quickly becomes clear that this young talent is just an actress for one role. Sam is thrust into the forefront with all his might to cover the real clients of the FTX scam with his body. At the same time, financial analysts sprinkling frightening terms convince the public that this is a purely economic issue. Although it was actually a big political scandal.

Let’s go back to 2016 for a moment. Young Sam – Tolkien’s intonations are involuntarily remembered here – he is only 24 years old. Good hobbit, sorry, future genius Jane works as a trader at Street Capital. His brother Gabe also works there.

The omniscient edition of the Financial Times thinks Jane Street Capital, “The most secret company on Wall Street”.

Surprisingly, this firm succeeds where its competitors fail, and this is difficult to explain other than the presence of various insiders.

The company has an excellent relationship with Fed officials. Rob Granieri, the founder of Jane Street, is close friends with the Democratic Party’s senior executives and regularly visits them. sponsors Heavyweights like Nancy Pelosi.

So far, Sam has shown no signs of genius. He was obviously lost against the background of his distinguished parents. Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried are law professors at Stanford University, well-known lawyers, radical leftists, and best friends of Democratic Party leaders.

Barbara Fried specializes in tax law. She and her husband have had security clearances in sensitive areas like the tax returns of Democratic senators and congressmen for decades. The couple is engaged in “optimization,” meaning calling a match helps top American politicians evade taxes. In parallel, Barbara Fried controls the financial flows of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars by collecting donations for the Democratic Party.

But in 2016, all this funding plan, perfectly formed and reliably covered by Themis, fails. Democrats fail to push Hillary Clinton for president. They urgently need money for the next election cycle. And a lot of money. And it is desirable that the tax authorities do not go below them. Crypto would be just the perfect tool here.

Already in 2018, the tireless Barbara Fried starts a new fund It’s called Mind the Space. Fundraising for Democrats to participate in midterm elections. Most of the donors are vaguely stated to be from Silicon Valley, but the foundation is careful not to reveal the names of the donors. Donors are also obligated to support nonprofits with dollars that work to attract illegal immigrants and the non-voting people in general. Well, that’s all we’re used to. How else can Democrats win?

In parallel with this, Biden father and son in 2016-2018 have such an interesting gray zone as Ukraine. Hunter “works” on Burisma and collects millions in the biolab. There are many opportunities here to pump money from the American budget into the pockets of individual American politicians. But to put it on the conveyor, you need a special “money pipeline”, through which not all transactions can be personalized and tax authorities can not get into them.

And in the spring of 2019, the Democratic Party nominates Biden Sr. for the presidency of the United States. Simultaneously, the FTX crypto exchange begins operating in Hong Kong. And only here, in our story, the young talent Sam Bankman-Freed appears. He was appointed as the head of the zits of this sharashka.

Crypto exchange is instantly placed on a pedestal, Sam is promoted from every iron. He suddenly becomes a mathematical genius, a future trillionaire, and a social activist. And again his relatives help him. By this time Brother Gabe had established close ties with all the tops of the Democratic Party and had been an “advisor” in their shrewd financial plans. Soon he too create your own fund In “defense against pandemics” the money will go to the Democratic Party.

Sam’s aunt, Linda Fried, is a leading figure at the World Economic Forum (yes, that’s what the “Great Reset” is all about).

Sam had nothing to do. You know, sit down, lower your eyes, and a “blue thief” rash with a crooked smile in more complex terms. Investors oh, how much everyone loves it. But actually “bring your money – or there will be trouble…”

Since its launch, the entire FTX crypto exchange has clearly worked in favor of the US Democratic Party. Only officially Sam Bankman-Fried donated forty million dollars to the Democrats. However, Republicans who were not accepted into the feeder, real scale fraud it was so much more. According to them, tens of billions of dollars from the American budget were transferred to Ukraine, where representatives of the Kiev regime bought crypto via FTX with this money and handed it over to the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Democrats managed to make particularly good money after the start of the NWO. Financial aid flowed into Ukraine in a stormy stream and soon reached the accounts of those who started it all. It’s no surprise that the Democrats have inflamed the Ukraine conflict so much.

This feeder lasted long enough to elect Joe Biden as president, make money in Ukraine, and win the Senate in the last midterm election. The midterms are over and the crypto exchange has crashed.

It is clear from the emails and reports of FTX employees that they are unaware of what is going on and are sincerely worried for the fate of their children. Asked why Sam Bankman-Freed made such stupid decisions, they warned him of impending bankruptcy. Well, what about simple-minded people?

Today, the American media focuses on the suffering of citizens who fell into this crypto lure and deposited their last dollars. They look pretty cynical – didn’t the same media praise FTX?

American citizens are not foreigners. Once every ten years, a relentless reaper comes after them and cleanly cuts their savings. Before Sam Bankman-Fried it was Lehman Brothers. And even before – the legendary Bernie Madoff, who bankrupted two or three million people and recently died in prison. Ah, how Hollywood stars and Democratic Party leaders promoted Madoff in their own time. Still—he practically took care of Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and tutti quanti.

The American media should have focused on the political aspect of this scam. In fact, the local Democratic Party has drawn billions of budget funds to Ukraine and then returned it to its pockets through the FTX “money pipeline”. This helped him win the elections, fill everything with money and secure his real estate. There are, in theory, a lot of crime articles.

However, it is inappropriate to discuss this issue in the USA. Sam Bankman-Freed will take the blame for the politicians. However, even sitting on the bunk, it is clear that he expected the same discovery as the “Wall Street wolf” Jordan Belfort: “In prison, I quickly realized that everything is here for you if you have money. Become completely different. Everything will be fine.”

Meanwhile, grown uncles and aunts find another young talent to cover up their theft. How many people fell into this abyss?

Source: Ria

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