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Post: Vucic says EU and OSCE turn a blind eye to Pristina’s dangerous steps


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. archive photo

Vučić: EULEX mission in Kosovo and OSCE ignore Pristina’s dangerous steps

BELGRADE, 11 December – RIA Novosti. EU Rule of Law Mission EULEX and OSCE turn a blind eye to the dangerous steps taken by Kosovo Albanian authorities in Pristina, who sent heavily equipped special forces “police” to the Serb-dominated north in violation of all agreements Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said:

Addressing the citizens on Saturday evening, the Serbian President showed photographs of the Kosovo “Ministry of Internal Affairs special forces”, including Kosovo Albanian media, with heavy equipment and automatic weapons in the north. region. He reminded that, in accordance with previous agreements, the permission of the Serb-majority mayors is required to bring the police special forces from Pristina there.

“They say they came to protect someone in multi-ethnic areas and nobody attacked anyone, why are you lying. But it wasn’t hard to convince EULEX (EU mission of rule of law – ed.) EULEX because it’s them. Vučić, OSCE in Pristina in Belgrade He is happy to help with self-convincing, as he is different from the OSCE.”

He also recalled the attempt by the Kosovo police to occupy the municipal election commissions in the northern part of the province last Tuesday, and the “accidental” use of armored vehicles of the NATO KFOR mission on Wednesday and the special forces of the Kosovo police ROSU on Thursday. It was parked in the courtyard of a Serbian kindergarten in the village of Leposavich in the north of the region, which alarmed the children and parents.

The Serbian leader also pointed out that on Thursday, Kosovo Albanian authorities took unjustly harsh and coercive action to confiscate more than 40,000 liters of wine from “Petrovich”, the oldest Serbian winery in Velika Hocha, in the southwest of the region. Vučić stressed that several types of wine were poured into a tanker, which barbarously destroyed a high-quality product.

Petar Petkovic, Director of the Serbian government’s Department for Kosovo and Metohija, said on Friday night that Kosovo “Prime Minister” Albin Kurti “continues to carry out actions to occupy the north of the Serb inhabited area”. According to Petkovic, about 350 Kosovo police officers, both patrol officers in bulletproof vests and ROSU special forces with automatic weapons, entered northern Kosovo from the south Mitrovica direction at about 20.30 (22.30 Moscow time) and blockaded northern Kosovska Mitrovica. and settled in the settlement. Some parts of the city with an ethnically mixed population.

Source: Ria

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