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Post: Kosovo Serbs to set up a crisis headquarters in the north of the province


Kosovo Serbs block the road. archive photo

Rakic, head of the “Serbian List” party, announces the establishment of a crisis headquarters in northern Kosovo

BELGRADE, 11 December – RIA Novosti. Goran Rakic, head of the Serbian List, the largest party of local Serbs, said Kosovo Serbs, who have set up barricades due to Pristina’s actions, will form a crisis headquarters in the north of the province.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic convened the National Security Council on Sunday evening. He convened the Security Council after the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, urged the NATO KFOR contingent to remove the edges of the Kosovo Serbs’ barricades from roads in the north, and threatened it if refused. Kosovo security forces under NATO command were ready to carry out the operation themselves. The leader of the “Serbian list” has previously urged Kosovo Serbs to maintain peace and tranquility and to break through the roadblocks on the highways north of the region that provide access to EU rule of law missions (EULEX) and NATO KFOR.

“The tension is not easing. We are in the village of Rudare, near Zvecan. More and more people are gathering. Albin Kurti’s statements today only fueled the fire. It scared our families, but the citizens do not want to give in to the provocations.” Rakic ​​told TV Pink on Sunday evening.

“We will establish a crisis headquarters that will inform citizens and the media about the situation on the ground. I urge citizens to be peaceful and measured, but also vigilant, as tensions rise as a result of Pristina’s threats,” the statement said. Kosovo Serb spokesman said.

Soldiers of the special forces “Ministry of the Interior” of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo occupied an object at the Gazivode dam on Sunday, where they raised Serbian flags and put on a Serbian guard. This is the main source of water and accumulation for the hydroelectric power station located here, most of the lake is located in the predominantly Serb-inhabited municipality of Zubin Potok, like the other three regions in the north of the region.

Kosovo Serbs set up barricades on highways in the north of the region on Saturday after the self-proclaimed republic’s Interior Ministry former police officer Dejan Pantic was arrested by Kosovo Albanian authorities. Pantić, who resigned in November along with Serbian police officers from the Interior Ministry units in the northern province of the province, was detained on suspicion of “terrorism” at the Yarina checkpoint as he entered central Serbia on Saturday.

The situation at the highway barricades in northern Kosovo, where local Serbs spent the night in tents protesting Pristina’s moves, was peaceful but tense on Sunday. The self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo police, the Yarine checkpoint and the Brnjak checkpoint, blocked cars and pedestrians from entering the area from central Serbia to the north of the area.

Source: Ria

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