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Post: The expert believes that new weapons should fall into the NWO zone by the end of the tests


Soldier of the Russian Armed Forces. archive photo

Expert Dudorov: New weapons should fall into the NWO zone without waiting for the end of the tests

MOSCOW, December 12 – RIA Novosti. Executive Director Yevgeny Dudorov said that in order to saturate the Russian special operations troops with further developments during the conflict, it would be beneficial to allow the supply of weapons to the front without waiting for the entire test cycle to pass. Androidnaya Tekhnika commented in an interview with NPO’s RIA Novosti.

“At NWO we don’t use things we haven’t tested in our training grounds before, we don’t assign various letters etc. <…>. Yes, a number of local developments have not yet passed all the testing stages and are not worded literally, but why not try to implement them, especially if they can be of great benefit there?

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that for Ukraine and its Western allies, the current conflict has become an experimental testing ground for “implementing” in real conditions all the military and related innovations that the defense industries are currently creating in real time. which makes the current conflict unprecedented in modern Russian stories.

“We are no longer talking about semi-state formations or terrorist groups, as in Chechnya or the Syrian operation – we are faced with a high-tech enemy, on the side of which are experienced mercenaries from European countries and the USA. Therefore, today we must apply the most non-standard solutions “, – Dudorov’ you explained.

According to him, the current situation speaks not only of major state concerns, but also of the need to work with various new companies, including young Russian companies, those that initially make developments for the civilian market, but can quickly restructure to realize this. special developments. “There’s really a lot of technical knowledge in ‘Citizen’ and this could be very useful on the frontline today with a particular adaptation,” he said.

Source: Ria

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