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Post: NYT talks about the ‘zombie threat’ of COVID-19


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NYT: COVID-19 may be contagious after death ‘like in a zombie horror movie’

MOSCOW, December 16 – RIA Novosti. The coronavirus can spread even after the death of the carrier, he said New York Times.

Columnist Apoorva Mandavilli wrote, “Like in a zombie horror movie, the coronavirus can remain in the bodies of infected people even after they die, and can spread further.”

According to him, mainly people who come into contact with corpses due to their profession – pathologists, forensic experts and other healthcare professionals are at risk.

The author cites researcher Hisako Saito of Chiba University in Japan, who said that in some countries, leaving the bodies of those who died from COVID-19 unclaimed or returned to their homes is a common problem.

“I think this is information that the majority of the population should have,” he said.

Columnist, along with his colleagues, Dr. He wrote that Saito learned that it is possible to contract coronavirus from the body within 17 days of death. Saito’s research team, which took samples from the nasal mucosa and lungs of 11 people who died from coronavirus, found resistant virus in six samples after 13 days.

As Mandavilli said, in July 2020, the Japanese government urged the public to limit contact with the bodies of those who died from COVID-19 as much as possible and recommended that the body be cremated within one day of death.

According to the observer, the transmission of the virus from the dead is not unprecedented. For example, funerals in African countries have caused major Ebola outbreaks. He emphasized that the risk of catching Ebola from a dead body is much higher than from the coronavirus, as Ebola penetrates almost all tissues of the infected.

Source: Ria

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