Twitter freezes the accounts of journalists writing about Musk

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AP: Twitter freezes the accounts of American media reporters writing about Musk

MOSCOW, December 16 – RIA Novosti. Twitter on Thursday froze the accounts of journalists from the leading American media who wrote about the work of the social network, the agency reported. Associated press.

Frozen accounts belong to New York Times, Washington Post and CNN reporters, among other things.

As expected, the sanctions relate to Twitter’s decision to ban sharing another person’s current location without their consent.

Journalists, who lost their accounts, wrote of Musk’s new policy, which he says stems from the incident with the trial of the billionaire’s family in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.

Musk himself indirectly confirmed these assumptions. “Journalists” are subject to the same doxing rules as everyone else,” he tweeted Friday night.

Doxxing (from the abbreviation docs – “documents”) is the search and publication of personal or confidential information about a person without his consent.

CNN called Twitter’s decision “reckless and unfair” and cited the growing instability and volatility on the platform. “We have asked Twitter to explain our actions and we will reassess our relationship based on the response,” the TV channel said on Twitter.

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