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Post: The wages of the world’s most expensive comedian: two billion and Patriot


Vladimir Zelensky. archive photo

“Dramatic visit”, “historical visit”, “symbolic visit”. Even before the landing of an American military plane with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the United States, the Western media reported widely. exaggerated An unexpected Christmas journey that doesn’t get hung up on nicknames and exaggerations.

Most surprisingly, almost every piece of news in the US and British media highlighted the high risk associated with this trip. Just a day ago, Zelensky’s team reported on him. trip to the “front” (allegedly visited Artemovsk, where fierce battles were taking place at this time), but apparently this was not accompanied by such risks. It is still unclear why a trip to the United States is more dangerous for the head of the Ukrainian regime than passing through the bombed-out territory of Ukraine. You involuntarily ask yourself the question: Is it not time, according to American TV reporters, when Washington decided to get rid of the annoying beggar? Otherwise, who else could threaten him there?

The historical parallels were equally confusing. seen In various television programs of Western channels. Those like a carbon copy began to compare Zelensky’s trip to Washington with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s visit there in December 1941.

Took these parallels and American politics. Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer smugly declared: “Where Winston Churchill stood generations ago, President Zelensky now stands not only as president, but also as an ambassador for freedom! Now is the time…take your feet off the gas when the time comes. It’s not the time to shoot.” About aid to Ukraine.

Frankly, the parallels are somewhat strange and controversial. Coincidence only on dates – Zelensky landed in America on the afternoon of December 21 and in Churchill on the morning of December 22. Otherwise, there is nothing in common. Let’s not forget that the British Prime Minister arrived a few days after the US entered World War II. Now the Ukrainian leader has come to ask for money (at least according to official Washington) from a country that does not want to go directly to war. Churchill came to support America in the fight against Nazism. Zelenskiy uses Nazi units, Nazi ideology and Nazi symbols in his activities without a twinge of conscience.

Also, unexpectedly for the American First Lady, Churchill decided to stay in the White House for three weeks, celebrating both Christmas and New Year’s there. What was the reason for many jokes and cartoons from that period? It is unlikely that Zelensky will be allowed to abuse the hospitality of the Biden couple so much. The Ukrainian leader, of course, is used to making extra money at corporate parties on New Year’s Eve, but does not like to stay long enough to witness a change in the composition of the lower house of the US Congress. The most enjoyable for Kyiv. That’s why Zelensky was in a hurry to appear before the American parliament, while being warmly welcomed by the democratic majority led by Nancy Pelosi. So in fact, the Ukrainian leader decided to act on the roaring applause of the “lame ducks”, whose New Year’s role is completing the parliamentary activities.

Zelensky’s “fee” for the New Year’s trip was announced in advance: another thick (up to $ 2 billion) military aid package and the Patriot air defense system, which Kiev has long humiliatedly pleaded with Washington. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine, expressed the whole essence of his visit to the White House and the Capitol in a few short sentences: “It’s just the Patriot air defense system. Officially… focus on ‘closing’ the sky and destroying the remnants of the Russian ‘army’. Then – Leopard, Marder and … missiles at a certain range. As you can see, the demands are quite high, and it’s definitely different from Churchill’s proposals for a military alliance of equal partners that he brought with him 81 years ago.

Accordingly, the attitude of some American politicians towards Zelensky is also different from their behavior towards Churchill. It’s unlikely that anyone in the United States could call the British prime minister “the ungrateful queen of international interests” in 1941, as the former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., did with Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president did not hide the fact that he came to Washington on purpose. to apply for Republican skeptics, both current and elected congressmen. And the views are mounting, voiced by Congressman Thomas Massey: “Most of my voters don’t want their money sent to Ukraine, especially without supervision and control.” His colleague, Mary Miller, says the same thing: “As long as our southern border is open to invasion by drug cartels, I will oppose any new remittance to Ukraine.”

Zelensky addressed them directly from the rostrum of Congress. The head of the Kyiv regime convinced the skeptics that they should easily leave money for a good cause. “This is not a charity, this is an investment in global security,” said the President of Ukraine.

True, he did not find it necessary to explain to the audience where all these “investments” that had already been made were going. bidet audible Huge numbers that say the US and its allies have already delivered about 2,000 tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine. That is, considering the tanks in the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the beginning of the special military operation, Ukraine should now be one of the world leaders in terms of the number of armored vehicles. However, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valery Zaluzhny, in his latest sensational interview with The Economist magazine begged He has 500 more tanks, saying that the West has nothing to attack Melitopol.

And speaking online with the leaders of the Northern European states last Monday, Zelensky requested additional armored vehicles from them. Particularly impressed him was the “order” to buy tanks from the Netherlands. That’s funny considering the Netherlands has already disposed of their tanks and is running 18 Leopards that are German property.

So the logic of all Ukraine’s aspirations, demands and wishes comes down to one word: “More.” No matter how much the West enters this bottomless barrel of funds, no matter how many weapons it supplies to Kiev, representatives of the Ukrainian regime will constantly demand regular assistance, calling them “investments” for who knows what. In fact, most of these injections turn back The trips of Zelensky’s wife to expensive Paris boutiques, where, according to media reports, he left up to $ 40 thousand in a single store.

Perhaps the most important thing Zelensky said while speaking to US senators and congressmen is summed up in the phrase: “We will not ask the US military to fight for us. I can assure you the Ukrainian military can perfectly manage American tanks and aircraft.” .

In this sentence, there was only deafening applause and cheerful exclamations. It still happens! After all, this is exactly what most of its Western customers expect from Kiev, demanding that the cannon fodder be sent to the meat grinder for the war with Russia in the hands of the Ukrainians. From the point of view of the American congressmen, Zelensky was really on point with that sentence. True, from the point of view of a Ukrainian statesman, these words sound crazy – after all, this is a direct demand to give new billions to kill their own citizens, destroy their own country.

This approach of the Kyiv guest was also liked by US President Joe Biden. Pointing roughly at Zelensky with his finger, aforementioned: “This man is who he claims to be. It is clear who he is. He is ready to die for his country.” This has absolutely nothing to do with how the President of the United States behaved during Churchill’s visit to the White House in 1941. But it is very reminiscent of how processed from the same Biden to the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani – the same American puppet as Zelensky. Last year, Biden also expressed how he believed this figure, promising “fight to the end”. Needless to say, Ghani fled the country at the first opportunity, taking with him the country’s gold reserves and the “security investment” that the Americans had poured generously. So Zelensky has a valuable role model.

At first glance, the corporate New Year’s Eve party with the participation of the world’s most expensive comedian was successful. Today, it is on the front pages of most Western newspapers with the same headlines about “historic visit”. It seems that all parties are expressing their satisfaction with the journey. But as the Financial Times noted, “despite the warm statements between the two presidents, felt some signs of tension”. This was especially felt when Zelensky began to talk about the impossibility of achieving “just peace” in Ukraine, contrary to what Biden had said a moment ago. He was not very happy with such statements.

Zelensky received what he was very enthusiastic about – fame, spotlight, the press and a very generous “fee”, which he turned some of into the new deaths of his compatriots, new blood and new tears of Ukrainian mothers. But it is no accident that we now remember the fate of President Ghani, who did the same in Afghanistan until last year. He managed to escape. But many are not strapped to the chassis of American military aircraft. As the President of Ukraine flew to the United States.

And this parallel is more evident than in Churchill’s visit.

Source: Ria

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