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Post: South Korea did not call Security Council to meet due to drone attacks from North Korea


Republic of Korea flag. archive photo

South Korea refuses to hold emergency NSC meeting due to North Korean drone attacks

Seoul, December 26 – RIA Novosti. South Korea has not called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) in connection with the entry of North Korean drones into its territory, the South Korean agency reported. News1 By referring to an official from the presidential administration.

The response to the drone invasion was “led by the National Security Administration,” headed by the President of South Korea, the agency said. The Presidency did not invite the National Security Council to an extraordinary meeting.

It was previously reported that five North Korean drones invaded South Korea on Monday. According to the military, these were small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles with a wingspan of two meters. Seoul responded by launching warplanes, helicopters and other vehicles to destroy the drones. The South Korean army fired about 100 rounds from helicopters at them with 20-millimeter cannons, but failed to shoot down the drones.

It was reported that one of the five drones entered South Korean territory from the area between Gimpo and Paju, descended to the northern region of Seoul and then returned to North Korea. 4 more drones infiltrated from the western side of Ganghwa Island and remained in the same area. The South Korean military argues they are needed to divert attention. After that, they disappeared from the army’s radar and were never seen again.

The exact time of the drones’ return to North Korean territory was analyzed. They are believed to have been in South Korean airspace for at least seven hours.

Source: Ria

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