Post: FSB releases names of saboteurs liquidated at the Ukrainian border

Patch on the uniform of an officer of the FSB of the Russian Federation. archive photo

FSB published the names of Ukrainian saboteurs liquidated at the border of the Bryansk region

MOSCOW, December 26 – RIA Novosti. Russia’s FSB released the names of Ukrainian saboteurs killed on Monday on the border with the Bryansk region: for example, a man with the call sign “Do not drink beer” was among them.

According to the FSB, the commander of the group was Yuri Gorovets, born in 1988, the call sign “Svyatosha”. The band’s hunters were Maxim Mihaylov, born in 1990 with the call sign “Beer drinking”, and Taras Karpyuk, born in 1984, with the call sign “Tarasy”. Also in the group was Bogdan Lyagov under the call name “Apollo”, born in 2003.

The Russian special service announced the destruction of the sabotage and reconnaissance group a few hours ago and presented a video from the scene of the conflict. Judging by the release, the saboteurs had foreign weapons, communication and navigation devices, as well as four bombs with a total capacity of about 40 kilograms of TNT.

Source: Ria

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