WorldThe Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that it...

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that it is open to dialogue with NATO


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Belarusian soldiers. archive photo

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that Minsk is open to dialogue with NATO.

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MINSK, December 26 – RIA Novosti. Although NATO has unilaterally suspended cooperation with Belarus, the republic remains open to dialogue with the alliance. declaration Dmitry Ryabihin, Deputy Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

In the broadcast of the STV channel on Monday, the representative of the Ministry of Defense was asked whether the Belarusian side continues to maintain relations with NATO and whether the alliance has suspended cooperation projects with the republic.

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“They unilaterally suspended it. However, the Republic of Belarus is always open to dialogue,” Ryabihin said. said.

“I want to talk with the dry facts of the numbers. Let’s say “before February 24” and “after” the current year, international military cooperation has not changed in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators. Taking into account the instructions, the head of state, government bodies, certain vectors of cooperation have changed, and the effectiveness of this cooperation is very important. “

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Ryabihin cited as an example of cooperation with the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which also has a military component.

“This is the distinctive feature of the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus in the context of international military cooperation. We are always open to dialogue, we invite everyone without exception to all the activities of the military attachés and show them as they are, ”the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus emphasized.

Responding to the comment of many external so-called analysts, who interpreted the interaction between Moscow and Minsk in the military field as an “invasion” of Belarus, Ryabihin noted that the troop groups operating on the territory of the Union State acted on a single basis. to plan within the framework of joint programs and plans.

“Belarusian equipment in the framework of the SCO within the framework of international organizations and the CSTO operates in various countries, in a wide geography. Including those thousands of kilometers away. However, this does not mean that the Republic of Belarus occupied. This or that country,” summarized the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

Source: Ria

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