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Post: At the Labor Party plenary, Kim Jong-un talks about how to deal with enemies


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the military parade in Pyongyang. archive photo

KCNA: At the Labor Party plenary, Kim Jong-un stressed the “fight against the enemies” guidelines

Seoul, December 28 – RIA Novosti. In a report published on the second day of the sixth plenary session of the eighth meeting of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers’ Party (TPK), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un evaluated the “provocative” situation in the region. The Korean Peninsula highlighted the “fight against the enemies” guidelines and set key objectives to strengthen North Korea’s self-defense capabilities, the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) reported.

“The report (Kim Jong-un – ed.) made an in-depth analysis and assessment of the new provocative situation on the Korean Peninsula and the international political situation, clearly illuminating the working principles of foreign policy and the direction of the struggle against the enemies, the statement from KCNA, the DPRK party and its government must remain consistently committed in the current situation to protect state power and state interests, as well as set new key targets to strengthen defense capability, which must be persistently implemented in 2023.

Kim Jong-un, who also gave a detailed analysis of the current situation in North Korea, said “major effort” is needed next year in response to the complex and changing situation.

The sixth plenary meeting of the DPRK Workers’ Party (WPK) Central Committee for the eighth meeting started on 26 December. As WPK Secretary-General, Kim Jong-un chairs it on behalf of the Plenum Presidency and members of the WPK Politburo Presidency, WPK Central Committee Politburo members and candidate members. Party and Party Central Committee members and candidates are also present.

On the third day of the general assembly, it was reported that Kim Jong-un’s report will be continued.

On Monday, five North Korean drones entered South Korean airspace, and one of them reached the Seoul area. In South Korea, fighters, helicopters and other vehicles were launched into the air in response, firing about 100 shots from 20mm cannons at the drones in five hours, but were unable to land them. At the same time, an attack plane crashed for an unknown reason.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, military expert Alexei Leonkov suggested that North Korea, while testing drones of its own design, also checked the effectiveness of South Korea’s air defense, but due to the loss of control, the drones went deep into the airspace. . a neighboring country

Source: Ria

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