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Post: Lavrov appreciated the activities of the West in the OSCE


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. archive photo

Lavrov said that the West has turned the OSCE into a site of propaganda wars.

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Novosti. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West has turned the OSCE into a arena of propaganda wars and that the Polish presidency has nullified the results of the organization’s work.

“The West perceived the OSCE as a tool for advancing its collective interests and turned it into an arena of propaganda wars. In 2022, Poland, with its openly anti-Russian stances, was the current head of the organization. In our opinion, the Poles achieved only one thing, according to his assessment: the OSCE They reduced the effectiveness of ‘ to zero. That came as no surprise to us.”

Lavrov reminded that the organization was created as a platform for equal dialogue and cooperation, but added that it has been in a deep crisis for the past few years.

“Let me be frank: things are not going well in the OSCE,” Lavrov concluded.

Earlier, Poland, the current head of the OSCE, had refused Lavrov to attend the OSCE Council of Foreign Ministers (CMFA) meeting in Lodz on 1-2 December. Commenting on the developing situation in the organization, Lavrov stated that the West deliberately digs dividing lines by trying to bury the OSCE.

Source: Ria

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