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Post: Expert: The pyrotechnic emergency in the New Year is mostly associated with fireworks


Expert Yankovoy: On the New Year, pyrotechnic events are most often associated with fireworks

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Real Estate. Nikita Yankovoy, member of the Presidium of the Public Council of the Main Directorate of the Moscow Emergencies Ministry, told RIA Real Estate that most of the applications to the emergency services regarding pyrotechnic phenomena during the New Year holidays are associated with fireworks. .

It is estimated that about half of the objections are fireworks,” he said.

As Yankovoy explains, the increased danger of fireworks comes from their very rapid detonation, often directly on the hands, fraught with burns and injuries. Salute batteries and flying fireworks are also dangerous because volleys of fire can hit someone’s balcony and start a fire in an apartment.

Oleg Shabaev, deputy head of the fire and rescue department of the Moscow Fire and Rescue Center, warned that even the simplest pyrotechnics, such as firecrackers or firecrackers, can cause problems if used carelessly.

“If a firework bullet hits a person, it’s traumatic. Also, if confetti falls on burning candles or spiral light fixtures, it can cause a fire. Sparks from sparklers can also cause a fire, so it’s better to light them outside.” said the fireman.

He recommends buying any pyrotechnic products only in specialized stores. “It’s important to make sure the product is certified and undamaged. And read and follow the instructions carefully before using it,” Shabaev said.

Source: Ria

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