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Post: US intelligence official describes US policy on Ukraine as “pure evil”


US Capitol in Washington DC. archive photo

American intelligence officer Scott Ritter described Washington’s policy on Ukraine as “pure evil”.

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Novosti. Retired US intelligence official Scott Ritter said in an interview with YouTube that the White House’s policy towards Ukraine is “all evil”. Left Lens.

According to him, the position of the White House in support of Ukraine not only benefits Kiev, but also acts to its detriment.

“American policy in Ukraine isn’t about doing good, it’s not about helping anyone. It’s about letting an entire nation die. It’s about letting a nation that we always call our friend die,” Ritter said.

The intelligence officer debunked the purpose of such a policy to Russia, but did not characterize it as genuine support for Ukraine.

“The United States said we’re leaving you. We’re going to fulfill Lindsey Graham’s (US Senator. – Approx. ed.) perverse fantasy, “fight to the last Ukrainian.” Now there’s Ukraine trying to fight, to win, but we won’t let that happen. Only to the last Ukrainian We can let them fight as long as they do,” Ritter said.

As a result, he added, Washington’s policy of supporting Ukraine is “the definition of evil” and that those who implement it are complicit.

Last week, Ukrainian President Zelensky flew to Washington to meet with US leader Joe Biden and congressional leadership. Coinciding with his visit was the announcement of a new $1.85 billion military aid package to Kiev, which included, among other things, a number of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems.

Against the background of a Russian special operation in Ukraine, the United States and its NATO allies support Kiev with the supply of weapons, the programs cost tens of billions of dollars. Moscow has repeatedly said that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict and that arms shipments have become a legitimate target for the Russian military.

Source: Ria

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