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Post: Lavrov appreciated the competence of Ukrainian politicians


Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. archive photo

Lavrov: It is difficult to say whether there are enough politicians in Ukraine

MOSCOW, December 29 – RIA Novosti. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that it is difficult to say whether there are enough politicians in Ukraine who can speak up, given the extrajudicial reprisals against dissidents in Ukraine.

“It is difficult to say whether enough politicians remain in the areas controlled by the Kyiv regime, especially given the widespread practice of suppression of opposition and extrajudicial reprisals there. Can a sane political figure emerge in Kiev later? Let’s wait and see,” Lavrov said. said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has always said that it is open to negotiations on Ukraine, that if Kyiv matures, mediation efforts of those who propose will be in demand, while Western countries are increasingly talking about the need for Kiev to continue hostilities. and also supply him with weapons and train the Ukrainian army on its territory.

Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. Vladimir Putin called his mission “protecting people who have been subjected to eight years of bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime”. According to the president, the ultimate goal of the operation is the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee Russia’s security.

Source: Ria

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