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Post: Media: North Korean missiles fell outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone


People watch North Korea launch missiles on TV. archive photo

NHK: 2nd North Korean Rocket Crashed Outside of Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone

TOKYO, 31 December – RIA Novosti. The second of the missiles allegedly fired by North Korea also fell outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the TV channel reported. NHK with reference to sources.

Earlier, Japan’s maritime security service issued a warning about two possible missile launches by North Korea. Both missiles have already crashed as stated.

It was previously reported by the Kyodo agency that one of the missiles fell outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

In connection with the missile launches, a center for information gathering and analysis was created at the crisis headquarters in the office of the Prime Minister of Japan. Data on any damage after rocket launches have not been received to date.

Source: Ria

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