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Post: Union forces for freedom and change: The Brotherhood is trying to derail a deal in Sudan


Asmaa Al-Husseini (Khartoum)

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Leaders of the Forces for Freedom and Change confirmed that Sudan is on the cusp of a final deal to resolve the worsening political crisis, noting that workshops on outstanding issues will begin shortly and warning that the Brotherhood is brutal. resists to prevent any agreement and works to create problems and ally with those who reject a final agreement.
The Doctor. Abdel Halim Isa Taiman, deputy head of the National Umma Party and leader of the “Freedom and Change” forces, said in a statement to “Al-Ittihad” that the “Framework Agreement” project turned out to be the only one. A political project in the Sudanese political scene, after it was discovered that the rest of the initiatives, the remnants of the previous regime and the “Brotherhood” group were behind it, was rejected and failed after they failed to commercialize it, considering that there is no alternative initiative or competition for the framework project and is the only existing product that enjoys the credibility and support of the international community represented by the “triple-facility” and the “quadruple-facility”. and the UN Security Council and broader international support.
The Sudanese leader explained that the initiative is advancing through the Joint Coordination Committee (Central Council) between the military component and the Forces for Freedom and Change, and underlined that workshops will be held in the framework to discuss issues of the final agreement. Conferences, the first being a conference on “Justice and Transitional Justice”, followed by workshops on the agreement. Peace in eastern Sudan, the dismantling of the previous regime and military and security reform express aspirations for the formation of a new government. February.
On the obstacles to reaching a final agreement, Tiemann said: “There are many obstacles, including the nature of participation in the planned workshops, the nature of the discussions, the stakeholders, how to achieve irreversible results and how to involve some parties. An agreement like that of the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Movement”, which means continuing to meet with them, with the participation of a military component.
Against the opposition committees and the coalition’s “radical changes” agreement, Teman said: “At the moment, it serves the purpose of democratic transformation.”
At the same time, the leader of the Forces for Freedom and Change warned that “the continuation of the current situation and the failure of a final agreement threatens a comprehensive and accelerated economic and security collapse in Sudan at a very high cost. A huge country with uncontrolled borders.”
Thiman also warned that the Brotherhood and the remnants of the old regime are trying to prevent a final agreement from being reached and are also trying to reach an understanding and alliance with the forces that reject the agreement.
According to him, “any delay or maneuver by the parties to the agreement entails great risks, which will harm everyone and harm the country’s stability and interests.”
He pointed out that the Brotherhood is trying to misrepresent the “Framework Agreement” through systematic campaigns and making false accusations against its signatories, noting that the desire to return the “Brotherhood” to power is growing and they are trying to unite the parties in different instructions. . . through crimes and illegalities unknown to the countries.
Forces for Freedom and Change sources told Al-Ittihad that the first workshop will be held on January 9, discussing the dismantling of the old regime, with the participation of members and states of the dismantling committee in Khartoum, jurists and . Some of the representatives of the signatories to the agreement, then the rest of the workshops and the conference on “transitional justice”, where it is said that the workshop on security and military reforms will close.

Source: Al Ittihad

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