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The wind comes as you want…
We are loaded with weight, life shines with its life and everyday scene and through it we see the things that surround us, negative or positive and we play different roles in this life, we follow clarity. And find out, our mind is not poor, and we perceive the reality around us with hope, even if it is broken and with less supply, we do not bend, like heavy carts on the street, we walk underfoot and continue along the road. with skill, if we resist the wind and its directions, we can win. We respect your abilities, but we think we can stop you with kindness and pleading.
book friends…
I’m not passionate about lighting and friction, which is impossible, I and the place are the same, we move away from noise and sometimes friction in the face of general well-being, and I can’t help the fantasies of some. And I value human humanity with the right vision, which is healthy with collective attitude, and I do not escape the lists of praise in the parade line, friends, I think of your great loneliness and I know how much you have already borne to be forgotten. and cruelty, pay no attention to the chaos and foolishness of other small beginners.
I don’t think about papers with bright colors, but my thoughts are turned to white, white only without black dots, so that the mind has time to rest until it wakes up active and bright, and that, in my humble opinion, is “a sincere word which attaches great importance to devotion.”
Tomorrow the column that leads to the sea will become a building, and our gaze beyond the window will be confused with ghosts that jump from the wide door, tomorrow beauty will give splendor to our names.
A message that opposes obstinacy with love and praises the birds of dawn, gives thanks to his Lord, rests in the palm of his hand, loves those he loves, peace be upon him, whose library is for him. guest reading. this. A voice whose chest is a sea accessible to all.
“Because they are like lights / divided in the soul / each one has a place / I see them unite their voices / and sing with their hearts / for hope.
My book friends.. Happy New Year.

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