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Post: India and Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear facilities and prisoners


Launch of the Mk III carrier rocket with the Chandrayaan-2 automatic station from the Satish Dhawan Space Center. archive photo

India and Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear facilities and prisoners through diplomatic channels

NEW DELHI, January 1 – RIA Novosti. India and Pakistan exchange nuclear lists objects and those in prison prisonersAccording to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Today, India and Pakistan, simultaneously through diplomatic channels, exchanged a list of nuclear facilities and facilities in New Delhi and Islamabad, subject to the Agreement between India and Pakistan on the Banning of Attacks on Nuclear Facilities and Facilities. The agreement was signed on 31 December 1988. It entered into force on 27 January 1991 and specifically stipulates that India and Pakistan inform each other on 1 January of each calendar year about nuclear facilities and installations subject to the Agreement.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that this is the 32nd exchange of such lists between the two countries.

New Delhi and Islamabad also exchanged lists of civilian prisoners and detained fishermen.

“India shared a list of 339 Pakistani civilian detainees and 95 Pakistani fishermen currently detained in India. Similarly, Pakistan shared a list of 51 civil detainees and 654 fishermen who are presumed Indian or Indian.” message.

Indian authorities also urged Pakistan to “early release and repatriate civilian prisoners, missing Indian soldiers and fishermen along with their boats” and to provide emergency consular access to other prisoners arriving from India.

Source: Ria

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