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Post: South Korean President made statements regarding possible nuclear exercises with the United States.


South Korean presidential candidate Yun Seok Yeol. archive photo

President Yol says South Korea is in talks with the United States for joint nuclear exercises

Seoul, January 2 – RIA Novosti. South Korea is in talks with the United States to jointly plan and conduct exercises involving US nuclear forces against the North Korean nuclear threat. declaration South Korean President Yoon Seokyeol.

“South Korea and the United States are discussing the implementation of the concept of joint planning and joint exercises of nuclear forces,” the president said in an interview with the Joseon Ilbo newspaper.

He explained that after North Korea had nuclear weapons, it was difficult to reassure South Korean citizens by saying that only the United States could protect them with a “nuclear umbrella” or expanded deterrence. Therefore, in order to better respond to the North Korean nuclear threat, Seoul hopes to take part in the operation of the US nuclear forces.

“Nuclear weapons belong to the United States, but South Korea and the United States must share information, plan and conduct exercises together. The position of the United States is also very positive … Before North Korea develops nuclear weapons, the “nuclear umbrella” and “extended deterrence” “, was directed at the USSR and China, implying that the USA will take care of everything and that South Korea should not worry. It is difficult to convince the citizens of South Korea with such statements now (phrases – ed. ) The US government also understands this to some extent, “Yong explained, Sok Yeol.

He noted that discussions of joint exercises do not imply joint use of nuclear weapons, but that this is a major advance compared to the expanded concept of deterrence, which means that the United States protects its allies in the region by using all available capabilities, including nuclear. those.

“The term ‘nuclear sharing’ is actually burdensome for the United States. If we instead translate it into the concept that South Korea and the United States not only plan the operation of nuclear forces, but also jointly conduct exercises, preparations and operations, in terms of information exchange, it is actually less than the joint use of nuclear weapons. It will become an ineffective measure.”

At the sixth plenum of the eighth meeting of the DPRK Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-un announced the need to strengthen the country’s nuclear forces, mass production of nuclear warheads, create a new intercontinental ballistic missile system capable of a sudden counterattack. Quickly complete the reconnaissance satellite project and the launch vehicle for it. The North Korean leader said that the situation in which “South Korean puppets” have become openly enemies of North Korea requires “exponentially” increasing the number of nuclear warheads in the North Korean arsenal, stressing the importance and necessity of mass weapons. Production of tactical nuclear weapons.

Source: Ria

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