Post: Media: Corrected statement regarding nuclear exercises with USA in South Korea

South Korean President Yoon Seokyeol. archive photo

Yonhap: South Korean Presidential Office clarified the statement on joint nuclear exercises with the United States

Seoul, January 3 – RIA Novosti. The South Korean presidential office further clarified that Seoul is in talks with Washington to share information, jointly plan and implement plans regarding the operation of U.S. nuclear assets, after U.S. President Joe Biden denied talks about joint nuclear drills with South Korea. transmits Yonhap Agency.

Kim Eun-hye, “South Korea and the United States discuss information sharing, joint planning and subsequent joint implementation of (these plans – ed.) on the operation of U.S. nuclear assets in response to the North Korean nuclear threat.” A spokesman for the South Korean Presidential administration, he said.

Earlier, South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol said in an interview with the Joseon Ilbo newspaper that Seoul is in talks with Washington on “joint planning and joint exercises on American nuclear forces” to counter the North Korean nuclear threat. Yun Seok-yeol also noted that this is not about the “joint use of nuclear weapons” because that statement is “burdening” for the United States. Therefore, South Korea and the United States should conclude that they can exchange information, plan the operation of the nuclear forces, and conduct exercises together.

U.S. President Joe Biden later answered “no” to a journalist’s question about joint nuclear drill talks with South Korea. The White House announced that such negotiations are not continuing because South Korea is not a nuclear-armed country.

Kim Eun-hye said, “When a reporter… asked President Biden directly if joint nuclear exercises were being discussed, she apparently had to say no. The term “joint nuclear exercises” is used between nuclear powers (for exercises – ed.) .

He added that a senior White House source later confirmed that Washington was in talks with Seoul on “simulation exercises involving a wide variety of scenarios, including the use of nuclear weapons,” and that the goal is to conduct such exercises as soon as possible.

At the sixth plenum of the WPK of the eighth meeting, Kim Jong-un announced the need to strengthen the country’s nuclear forces, mass-produce nuclear warheads, create a new intercontinental ballistic missile system capable of instant counterattack, and quickly complete reconnaissance. satellite project and launch vehicle for it. The North Korean leader said that the situation in which “South Korean puppets” have become openly enemies of North Korea requires “exponentially” increasing the number of nuclear warheads in the North Korean arsenal, stressing the importance and necessity of mass weapons. Production of tactical nuclear weapons.

Source: Ria

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