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Post: State Department discloses failures in election of Speaker of the House of Representatives


US State Department building in Washington DC. archive photo

State Department justifies failures in electing Speaker of the House: this is how democracy works

WASHINGTON, January 4 – RIA Novosti. State Department spokesman Ned Price justified “democracy work” on the second day of failed attempts to elect a Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“We see what the world sees: our democratic institutions at work,” Price told reporters.

For him, recent events send a signal to the world that is no different from what has always been said in the United States – “democracy is not always without challenges.” “Our message has never been that democracy is robust or homogeneous in the context of how it works,” Price said.

The House of Representatives failed to nominate a speaker after two days and five rounds of voting. Two attempts on Wednesday resulted in the same results – 201 votes for Republican Kevin McCarthy, 20 for the same alternative candidate, one abstention, a change of opponent from at least the same party on election eve, but now that name is repeated.

Democrats show unity and the entire faction voted for Judge Jeffries five times. The Republican majority is split, and two dozen party representatives do not support Kevin McCarthy, the main candidate for the lower house presidency of Congress. Former US President Donald Trump has already expressed his support, but that didn’t help either. American leader Joe Biden described what happened in Congress as a disgrace.

Before being elected President, the new formation of the House of Representatives cannot take the oath and begin legislative activity. In fact, the work of the Republican majority house is blocked by members of the same party who disagree with McCarthy’s candidacy, which the media calls an “effective conservative group”.

Only 14 times in history have members of Congress failed to elect a speaker in a round, not since 1923. Elections will continue until one of the candidates receives the required 218 votes, and MPs have the right to add new candidates to the polls at any time. According to the results of the November elections, there are 222 Republicans and 212 Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Source: Ria

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