Post: The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a gradual increase in the forces of the regional group.

Belarusian Ministry of Defense: Joint regional grouping with the Russian Federation continues to grow

MOSCOW, January 5/ Radio Sputnik. Russia and Belarus continue to develop the combat capabilities of regional troop groups, reported Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

“As part of ensuring the military security of the Union State, the grouping of the regional troops (forces) of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation continues. Today, according to the current situation, this process continues. in stages,” says the widespread comment.

The Ministry states that personnel, weapons, military and special equipment of the RF Armed Forces will continue to arrive in Belarus.

The Ministry of National Defense reported that joint tactical flight exercises are also planned.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that Russia and Belarus are working on a joint troop grouping.

Terse. Selected quotes only telegraph channel.

Source: Ria

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