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Post: In the United States, there was talk of panic in the country due to Russia


Fox News host Tucker Carlson. archive photo

Fox News anchor Carlson: US is creating panic over Russia for political interests

MOSCOW, January 6 – RIA Novosti. States “make up panic” around Russia and use it as a political tool. declaration Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The journalist recalled that in 2016, the WikiLeaks organization published information that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton instructed her office to influence the election results as much as possible.

“To cover up this oversight, the Clinton campaign claimed that Russia did it and that the Russians hacked the servers,” Carlson added.

The host noted that the secret services knew that this was not true, but that “they did not say a word because the accusations against Russia turned out to be an excellent political tool.”

“Over time this has become the standard response to any incident in Washington,” the journalist said sarcastically.

According to him, anything objectionable to the US authorities began to be called “Russian disinformation” and used for censorship. For example, the White House blocked thousands of Russian-controlled Twitter accounts, according to intelligence agencies, but the information posted from these accounts turned out to be inconsistent with government policy.

“This is illegal. This is a clear violation of the constitution,” the presenter concluded.

In October 2016, US intelligence community officials said Russian hackers were behind cyberattacks on the country’s electoral systems, allegedly acting under orders from the Russian leadership to influence the results of the presidential election. At the same time, Washington presented no evidence of Moscow’s intervention.

Source: Ria

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