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Post: France 24 TV channel calls part of Turkish Kurdistan


A man is selling a Turkish flag in Istanbul. archive photo

France 24 TV channel reported that the PKK designated a part of Turkey as “Kurdistan”.

ANKARA, 6 January – RIA Novosti. In its news about the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey, the French television channel France 24 defined a part of the country as “Kurdistan” and claimed that the PKK was only recognized as a terrorist by Ankara. newspaper Nationality.

“French broadcaster France 24 presented a scandalous news. In the specially prepared news, a part of Turkey was shown as ‘so-called Kurdistan’. The scandal did not stop there. The terrorist organization PKK was presented as if it was only considered a terrorist organization. “It was not mentioned that it was included in the list of terrorist organizations. The bloody terrorist organization PKK was openly supported,” he writes.

The 12-minute news was published at a time when the reactions to the terrorist organization intensified in France after PKK supporters turned the streets of Paris into a battlefield.

The armed conflict with the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey began in 1984 and resumed in 2015. There are PKK bases in Northern Iraq where the Turkish Armed Forces conduct air and ground operations. The Turkish military presence in the Zlikan camp northeast of Mosul has long been a source of controversy between Baghdad and Ankara, justifying its presence as a need to fight the banned PKK in Turkey.

A demonstration was held in memory of three Kurdish community members who were shot dead in Paris on Friday, as well as three activists who were killed in January 2013. The action was carried out peacefully, about 1.5 thousand people participated. Representatives of the Kurdish community carried pictures of the dead and chanted slogans calling for a fair investigation into two incidents that Turkey considers acts of terrorism.

The Kurdish demonstration turned into clashes with law enforcement. They began blocking the streets and the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Later, protesters began to break down bus stops, overturn cars, and set trash cans on fire. They also removed the cobblestones to make the police rain down on them. As a result, 11 people were detained and more than 30 law enforcement officials were injured during the riots in the French capital on Saturday.

Source: Ria

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