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Post: Investigative Committee spoke about new realities of exploitation of POWs in Ukraine


Buses with Russian soldiers returned from captivity. archive photo

The Investigative Committee described how Russian prisoners in Ukraine had their teeth broken and were not allowed to eat or sleep.

MOSCOW, January 9 – RIA Novosti. New facts about the bullying of Russian prisoners were recorded, for example, one was interrogated for 10 days without eating and sleeping, another had his upper teeth broken. telegraph channel RF SC.

“The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation noted another example of the inhumane treatment of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine… Staff of the Investigation Committee will conduct a legal assessment of each such case,” the report said.

It was noted that the prisoner exchange took place thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Defense. Returning Russian soldiers spoke about being mistreated by Ukrainian nationalists. It is emphasized that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation recorded their statements.

So, according to one of the soldiers, during his time in captivity, he was repeatedly beaten during interrogations, as a result, his upper front teeth were completely broken – “he did not see exactly who had struck the blows, since there was a garbage bag put on his head” Another soldier, during captivity, his eyes were broken. He said it was tied with tape. He noted that his interrogation lasted for 10 days, during which he was not allowed to eat or sleep, he only asked questions and was beaten on his knees, fingers and head with a plastic baton and tortured with electric current. As a result, the Russian soldier’s knees were beaten, his fingers were broken, he began to see poorly in his right eye and hear with his right ear.

In addition, the soldiers of the Azov nationalist battalion, which is banned in Russia and conducting the interrogation, threatened to stab or shoot him.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

Source: Ria

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