WorldAmerica is afraid of tiktokers

America is afraid of tiktokers


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Phone with TikTok app. archive photo

America has taken another brutal blow from a strategic rival, China. three chinese apps turned out to be the leader in the US market for online commerce. That is, if an American wants to buy something, it is very likely that he will turn to Temu or Shein, which until recently was hardly known, or even to the personification of the image of the enemy – TikTok. The latter’s online store has amassed 100 million subscribers in America (at the end of the year). That is about a third of the country’s population.

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Let’s take a look at what some of America’s most brutal politicians have said lately about TikTok (as a whole, not just its spin-offs). For example, a new committee on China is being formed in the US Congress House of Representatives. The truth is, tough, Republican Michael Gallagher is stationed there. TikTok for him”cyberfentanylThe Chinese government is destroying Americans with this.

Fentanyl is a different story: It’s a synthetic drug that kills as many as 100,000 people a year in the United States. And Americans need to consider that the main source of the poison is not just China (i.e. drug dealers from there), but simply Beijing authorities. True, the arguments of experts suggest that the story that fentanyl is exclusively Chinese in origin is a strong exaggeration, but who from the general public will understand.

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What’s the toxicity of TikTok, which is fun for teens who don’t have the highest intellectual intensity? Well, it’s a social network, and in that network the content of politics is greatly reduced. However, the persecution of this network has continued since 2020, when the US administration under Donald Trump tried to force a Chinese company to sell its US assets. And the end of December brought the news: According to The Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden’s administration is already considering a forced sale of the American business of TikTok, the social network owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance.

The same newspaper explains: “To prevent Beijing from using the app for espionage and political influence.”

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Is that the crux?

It’s really funny how serious politicians aren’t ashamed of their fears and tantrums over the exchange of favorite short videos (with and without a cat) of teenagers and other characters with not-so-threatening looks. Like the tendency of serious statesmen and aunts to be horrified by Pinocchio or Cheburashka and demand that they be banned as a threat to national security.

The deciphering of the ongoing nonsense is mostly done by China and very convincingly. For example, although there are dubious notions that Americans are too keen to appropriate the technologies created by the Chinese genius. It’s just that this thing is easy to use: he swiped his thumb – and that’s it, instead of poking the index finger for a long time. But doing this holy simplicity was difficult, America failed to do.

However, the main issue is not jealousy and theft of ideas. And the thing is, not only is TikTokers and someone in China doing something terrible with America, but theoretically they can. Because they are a social network and any social network is a weapon. Yes, spyware included.

Probably the most convincing material From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, which compares the situations with Twitter and TikTok. What happens: Elon Musk, the new owner of the first network, not only fired its former administrators, who actively cultivated liberal ideology among users and banned everyone else. He also released classified files on how this censorship activity was carried out by government departments – mainly the FBI, but not only: there were a lot of military, intelligence and other agencies. The newspaper is up to the CIA, who allegedly had no right to spy on US soil.

And all this fun team had access to the personal data of the network users, they also filtered the views. Moreover, it is clear that the issue is not limited to a single network, they all remain and remain under the hood. Except for the case when Musk came along and ruined everything.

But that’s exactly what the South China Morning Post article says TikTok has been accused of censorship and espionage. And since this network has become as powerful as any other, “there is no doubt that the same government agencies will not tolerate its presence in the United States without the same level of control and access”: “And they also doubt that they can take risks because of the fact that no Chinese own the network.” Let’s add: Even these hypothetical Chinese may not want to risk violating US law, as do agencies that impose complete censorship on hundreds of millions of users. And they will be afraid to submit to such control.

So – we conclude – social networks for current owners of States can only be American (or belong to a narrow circle of allies). All others, if not destroyed, should be pushed back from Western countries’ territory, if that’s technically possible, of course. And another conclusion from a number of obvious ones: social networks are a tool for knowing who has control over societies, and preferably worldwide.

And now – the results are a little less clear. Note that networks and very proprietary technologies were at the center of the scandal. Twitter without long texts and TikTok where texts are no longer needed, only videos and as short as possible. All this is reminiscent of the aforementioned Pinocchio, whose thoughts at first were short, short.

After all, magazine-level sites are not subject to such total censorship, including American sites where philosophers mourn each other and mourn the destruction of the world. Print anything, everything is fine, with books and even more. That is, intelligent people who can compose, read and perceive long texts are not an object for attack. Finally, there is technology that “cancels” people for as long as it lasts. But only the mass of young people who are taught to perceive something short and simple. Let’s add to this the process of simplifying the education system that began almost in the 1980s. It is clear that dogs and any Chinese (and everyone else) are not allowed in this park: it is only for the white masters of the world – more precisely, for those who are seriously trying to take over the world.

Source: Ria

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