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Post: No Comments: Prince Harry’s ‘controversial’ memoir is on the UK market


After months of anticipation, fueled by a relentless publicity campaign, Prince Harry’s “backup” memoir hit the UK market on Tuesday, potentially causing more confusion for the royal family.

And members of the royal family, led by King Charles III and heir to the throne Prince William, have remained silent over the leaking of excerpts from the book and television interviews that Prince William gave before the memoirs were published. However, British media quoted Buckingham Palace sources as saying the Duke of Sussex had crossed a line by attacking King Charles’ second wife, Queen Camilla, following the death of Princess Diana, mother of William and Harry.

On its first page, the book contains a quote from American author William Faulkner, which Harry indicated he had read on

The phrase says: “The past is never dead. And it’s not in the past”, a phrase that Prince Harry released in his 416-page book in which he analyzes his psychological state after the death of his mother, the princess. Diana, except for her reckoning with her family and the hatred of the British media.

Some British stores have been open late into the night since the publication of the most important book about the royal family in 1992, Diana: Her True Story, on which Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, collaborated with Andrew Morton.

Source: EuroNews

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