Post: The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova explains that the CIS is irrelevant for Chisinau

Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicolae Popescu. archive photo

Moldovan Foreign Minister Popescu says CIS is irrelevant for Chisinau

KISINEV, 11 January – RIA Novosti. The Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Presidential Foreign Ministry, said that the Moldovan authorities analyzed the need to maintain agreements with the CIS and now do not see processes in the Commonwealth of Nations that would be in the country’s interest. Nicu Popescu.

“We do not see processes that may concern Moldova in the CIS, we do not attend the meetings. Since 2006, there have been problems in accessing our goods, there are trade restrictions on our exports. This organization, Popescu, said on TV8, “Over time, it has become less and less relevant for our country and our business. It’s coming.”

He stressed that Moldova respects the international agreements it has signed, but many of them may become invalid over time.

“We are now analyzing the need to preserve some of the agreements signed within the CIS. At a certain stage, we will more clearly understand which elements of these agreements we still need,” said the minister.

Earlier, the country’s authorities have already mentioned the need to discuss whether it makes sense for the country to stay in the CIS. Moldovan parliament spokesman Igor Grosu said in July that Chisinau should seriously consider withdrawing from the organisation. Moldova ignored the CIS and EAEU meetings this year, when it was an observer.

Source: Ria

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