Post: State Department confirms American Dudley was deported from Russia

Ex-US soldier Taylor Dudley. archive photo

The State Department confirmed that the American Dudley was expelled from Russia after being released from custody.

WASHINGTON, January 12 – RIA Novosti. The department’s official representative, Ned Price, said the US State Department had confirmed that it was aware of reports that a previously released American citizen had been deported from Russia, but declined to provide details.

“We are aware of reports that a US citizen has been deported after being imprisoned in Russia.”

Price added that he is not ready to comment further on this issue at this time.

Earlier, an American prisoner swap broker, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, confirmed to RIA Novosti that US citizen Taylor Dudley has returned home after being released from custody in Russia.

Dudley was detained last year while crossing the Polish-Kaliningrad region border after entering the Kaliningrad region for unspecified purposes from Poland, where he attended a music festival.

Source: Ria

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