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Post: Soledar residents describe how they survived months in the basement


Smoke on Soledar. archive photo

Residents of Soledar described how they lived in the basement and only went out in the early morning.

SHAKHTERSK (DPR), January 13 – RIA Novosti. A family from Soledar Alexander and Larisa Merenko told RIA Novosti how they survived in the city for months, hiding in the basement and only going out for groceries early in the morning.

The head of the city administration, Alexander Shatov, told RIA Novosti on Thursday that civilians in the liberated Soledar are now housed in Shakhtersk.

Alexander Merenko said that their family has been living in the basement since August, when the bombing of the housing sector began. “It was unrealistic at night. The boy didn’t sleep, he just lay down at night and listened to what was going on…” the man recalls.

Her mother, Larisa Merenko, also shared her memories of how difficult it was to live in the city in an interview with the agency. “They brought food, not water,” the woman said.

He states that although markets and shops continue to operate in the city, it was only possible to get there early in the morning due to the constant bombardment. “Until nine in the morning the bombardment was just above us… After nine o’clock no one came out… it started to get scary,” she recalls.

According to him, there were always seven turns of Ukrainian troops in the city. “Those who were mobilized, more or less enough (treated), shared water, bread. There were more or less normal people. Those who left of their own accord … We were nothing to them,” he recalls.

She added that Ukrainian soldiers could say that the city was bombed by Russian forces, but they were not sure either. “They have a legend called the so-called “traveling mortar man” that they are afraid of. He shoots both at himself and at foreigners,” said Larisa Merenko.

On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that airborne troops blocked Soledar from the northern and southern parts of the city, and Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner group, announced that Soledar was completely liberated. According to the interim head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, the possibilities for the liberation of Artemovsk, which became the logistics center of the Ukrainian group after that, were greatly improved.

Source: Ria

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