Post: A Soledar resident said the Ukrainian Armed Forces looted and booed in the city.

Smoke on Soledar. archive photo

The resident of Soledar said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used looting and alcohol in the city.

SHAKHTERSK (DPR), January 13 – RIA Novosti. Evacuated from the city, Andrei Shistka told RIA Novosti that Ukrainian soldiers looted, intimidated locals and drank alcohol while they were basing in Soledar in the DPR.

The head of the city administration, Alexander Shatov, told RIA Novosti the previous day that the civilians of the now rescued Soledar are housed in the city of Shakhtersk.

“There was looting, there was intimidation every day. We had trenches in our garden, they covered us as I understand it … They settled in houses that they chose better,” Shistka said.

According to him, the Ukrainian army was not against alcohol. “The wine was mostly taken away, but they took everything … We have a lot of vineyards there, a lot of wine producers,” the source said.

On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that airborne troops blocked Soledar from the northern and southern parts of the city, and Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner group, announced that Soledar was completely liberated. According to Denis Pushilin, acting head of the DPR, after that the possibilities for the liberation of Artemovsk greatly increased.

Source: Ria

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