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Post: Ministry of Defense: the rescue of Soledar will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to be taken into the accident in Artemovsk


Ukrainian army in the Soledar region. archive photo

The Ministry of Defense stated that the rescue of Soledar allowed the interruption of the supply lines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

MOSCOW, January 13 – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Defense said that the rescue of Soledar by Russian troops would cut off the supply lines of the Armed Forces group in Artemovsk, block it and take it to the boiler.

The operation to liberate the city ended the previous night.

“The capture of Soledar was possible due to the offensive and continuous fire destruction of the enemy by a group of Russian units (forces) by offensive and army aviation, missile forces and artillery. They constantly carried out intensive attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the city, they carried out the transfer of reserves, the supply of ammunition. and also thwarts attempts to draw the enemy to other lines of defense,” he said.

Thus, the Air Force units made a stealthy maneuver from another direction, successfully attacking the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, occupied the dominant heights and blockaded the city from the north and south.

Electronic warfare means of the Russian Armed Forces suppressed the control system of the Ukrainian troops and did not allow them to use unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the last three days alone, the Russian army has destroyed more than 700 Ukrainian soldiers and more than 300 weapons in this area. Aerospace Force fighters destroyed three aircraft and a helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force. In addition, the combat crews of air defense systems dropped nine rockets from the HIMARS, Alder and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems.

The Ministry of Defense concluded that Soledar was important for the continuation of a successful offensive in the direction of Donetsk.

This city is located in the center of the Artyomovsk-Seversk defensive line, the Ukrainian army has built powerful defensive fortifications here.

Since February 24, a special military operation has been carried out in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin described this as the ultimate goal of the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee Russia’s security.

Source: Ria

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