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Post: The Rada will take away the powers of several opposition lawmakers


The building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev. archive photo

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada wants to dismiss several more opposition lawmakers

MOSCOW, January 13 – RIA Novosti. The head of the People’s Servant faction in Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, David Arakhamia, said parliamentarians will remove more opposition lawmakers from their posts.

Rada deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak said that Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada on Friday dismissed “Opposition Platform – Lifetime” deputies Viktor Medvedchuk, Taras Kozak, Andriy Derkach and Renat Kuzmin. In addition, according to the Ukrainian press, Andrei Aksyonov, who has Russian citizenship, was dismissed from his deputy who wrote a letter of resignation before.

“The Rada is preparing a new “package” aimed at deprivation of duties. Many political opponents are only trying to promote themselves, to promote populist attempts to enforce unconstitutional procedures. A large number of members of our group do not sign the populist appeals, because we understand that this will not work.. So We are now making this process legal, not political.”

Ukrainian Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska previously stated that the activities of the Opposition Platform deputies will be closely monitored by the authorities and they may be dismissed in the future.

More than 15 parties were banned in Ukraine, including the Opposition Bloc, Socialists, Justice and Development, Our Derzhava, Vladimir Saldo Bloc, the Ukrainian Socialist Party, the Left Opposition “, the “Sharia Party”, ” by a court decision earlier. Opposition Platform – For Life”.

Source: Ria

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