Post: Meeting of Heads of Defense Ministers of Turkey and Syria May Take Place in Mid-February

Turkish flag. archive photo

Yeni Akit: There could be a meeting between Turkish and Syrian Defense Ministers in mid-February

ANKARA, 14 January – RIA Novosti. The newspaper reported that the next meeting of the Turkish and Syrian defense ministers could take place in mid-February. New Contract Referring to İbrahim Kalın, the official representative of the President of Turkey.

The newspaper, “Ibrahim Kalyn, said that a meeting between the defense ministers of the two countries in mid-February is on the agenda.”

Kalin said, “We want security at our borders,” referring to the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party banned in Turkey). We will never attack the Syrian state or Syrian civilians.”

In December, Russia hosted the first meeting between Turkish and Syrian defense ministers in 11 years. In 2011, civil war broke out in Syria. Maintaining close relations with Damascus before this conflict, Turkey sided with the opposition of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Since then, Turkey’s relations with Syria continue to be challenging. However, in recent weeks, both sides and some media outlets have been talking about the possibility of a gradual normalization.

Source: Ria

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