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Post: Expert explained how to protect your home Wi-Fi network from intruders


Cybersecurity expert Alexander Vurasko said in an interview with Sputnik radio what information could fall into the hands of attackers who gain access to someone else’s Wi-Fi router. He looked for ways to protect his home networks from hacking.

Alexander Vurasko, a specialist in Rostelecom-Solar special services, warned in an interview with Sputnik radio that a home Wi-Fi network can be hacked by attackers if the owner of the router neglects the security rules.

“The problem with a wireless network is that someone within a few hundred meters or closer from it can capture data with a strong desire. If the user does not have a password for the wireless network, this does not require any special action. Hacking can be done by improvised means, sometimes even using a cell phone. After purchasing a router, if you do not change the standard password set on it, an attacker can also find a solution and connect to the device,” said Alexander Vourasko.

After gaining access to a wireless network, an attacker could, for example, steal important information from users’ personal correspondence, the expert continued.

“In modern realities, a significant part of the traffic is encrypted, but you can still get a lot of interesting information from it: transmitted unencrypted or which can be decrypted. The list of stolen data can be quite extensive. This can be, for example, information obtained from personal correspondence. In some cases, these, then attackers passwords or other information that can be converted into money by

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Wi-Fi users may not even realize that attackers gain access to the router. Therefore, it is better to take safety measures in advance. The expert recommends that the owner of the device choose the best type of encryption for the home network, as well as protect it with a unique password.

“Unfortunately, there are no signs that your router is under the control of intruders. Therefore, after purchasing a router, I strongly recommend that you change the password from the standard to your own and a unique password that is not used anywhere else. Also choose WPA2 encryption for wireless networks (router selectable in the settings, – ed.),” Alexander Vurasko advised.

The specialist noted that there is no need to change the password on the router every month, but it is still worth doing it with a certain frequency.

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