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Post: Two car bombs hit military positions in central Somalia


Mogadishu (Union)

Several people were killed and injured in two bomb blasts at army installations in the Hiran region as the army liberated a strategic town in the center of the country. announced the launch of a campaign to hunt down the remnants of terrorists who had infiltrated residential areas of Mogadishu and liberated areas. One person was killed and at least six wounded yesterday in an explosion at a Somali army checkpoint in central Hiran, witnesses said, and in another similar attack.
Eyewitnesses added that two explosions occurred almost simultaneously. “A car bomb exploded at a government forces checkpoint near the bridge,” said Sinab Abdullah, who owns a shop in Jalalqis district, adding that he counted one body and six wounded. Hussein Abdulaziz, another resident of Jalalkas, said government forces opened fire on a second car bomb in an attempt to deter the attackers. “After the first explosion, we heard gunshots, then another explosion,” he added.
Also, yesterday Somali armed forces recaptured El Hori in the Galgudud region of Galmadughi state in the center of the country.
Somalia’s SUNA news agency reported that Somali armed forces had abandoned the coastal town of Hobio and retaken the area from terrorist militias.
Yesterday, Somali security services found explosive devices, hand grenades and a quantity of ammunition in a house located in the “Alto Tarkineli” district of Mogadishu.
Somalia’s SUNA news agency reported that during the operation, the security services were able to arrest a woman suspicious of having links with the terrorist movement al-Shabaab, and it signaled that the security services would continue with a large-scale search operation in the search. Remains of terrorist cells in the south and center of the country.
Meanwhile, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud announced yesterday the launch of a campaign to pursue what he described as “unknown” remnants of terrorists who have infiltrated residential areas in the capital Mogadishu and areas cleared of insurgents.
Somalia’s national news agency, SUNA, said it took place during a vigil organized by Sheikh Mahmoud against terrorist cells in front of thousands of residents of the capital, Mogadishu.
The Somali president said: “We must fight the foreigner who lives among us, in our homes and on our streets. And he has no religion.”
He underlined that “the sun of the Kharijites has already set and there is no going back”, referring to the massacres committed by members of the Shabaab movement in recent years, which targeted academics, dignitaries, civil servants, youth, students and teachers.
He underlined that “elements of the security and intelligence services, the army and the police are monitoring the establishment of peace and stability in all areas of the country”.
In early October, the Somali government declared an economic war against al-Shabaab, imposing heavy fines on traders, businesses and anyone associated with the movement for attacking and drying up their sources of income.
This comes as government forces, in collaboration with tribal forces, continue military operations against the terrorists, during which they killed dozens of movement members and regained control of many areas. Somalia has been waging war for years against al-Shabaab, an armed movement ideologically linked to Al-Qaeda, founded in early 2004, which has carried out numerous terrorist operations that have claimed hundreds of lives.

Closure of 250 bank accounts for “young people”.

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Mogadishu (Union)

The Somali government has announced the closure of around 250 bank accounts of the terrorist group al-Shabaab as part of a plan to cut the movement’s sources of funding.
“The government takes economic measures against terrorists seriously, having managed to close about 250 bank accounts belonging to al-Shabaab fighters in just a few months,” Finance Minister Elmi Mahmoud Noor said yesterday at a news conference in Mogadishu. He added that “the government has managed to dry up the terrorists’ sources through the support and information of people who are tired of the illegal royalties that the terrorists are taking from them.” He explained that the economic measures against terrorists and the cutting of all funding sources will be maintained in cooperation with the population, alerting banks, exchange offices and merchants about dealings with terrorists.
On his turn, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Security, Mohamed Ali Haga, said that “the actions of the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and human norms” and praised the successive victories achieved with the support of the Somali army. . population against terrorists. He pointed out that “the government will start a security operation against the youth movement in the next few days, and this operation will cover all the neighborhoods of the capital to establish its security”, and appealed to the population to collaborate with security institutions. from the capital Mogadishu to defeat the remnants of the terrorists.

Source: Al Ittihad

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