Post: “5+5” is trying to unify the Libyan army

Hassan Al-Werfali (Benghazi)

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The Libyan Joint Military Committee “5+5” discussed finalizing the terms of the ceasefire and intensifying the work of international and local observers, as well as the unification of the Libyan armed forces, and emphasized the committee’s demands for the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters. This was confirmed by the Director of the Department of Moral Guidance of the Libyan Army, Major General Khaled Al-Mahjub in a statement.
Al-Mahjub confirmed yesterday at a committee meeting in the city of Sirte that the UN representative in Libya, Abdullah Batili, participated in the first day’s meetings, indicating that the consultations addressed ways to activate the Geneva agreement in October 2020 and support de It is necessary for the relevant parties, as well as the subject of the publication of international observers, to stop shooting.
Al-Ittihad learned that the issue of the exchange of detainees between the Libyan National Army and the representatives of the Government of National Unity has been widely discussed, in addition to the importance of neutralizing the oil file of the political or military conflict.
Al-Ittihad was the only one to detail preparations for a meeting of the Libyan Joint Military Committee in an issue published last Thursday, where a military source revealed the UN mission’s interest in activating the prisoner exchange file as a follow-up. A move that has seen the Libyan army swap several prisoners with elders and dignitaries in the western city of Zawiya and strike more deals on prisoner swaps this year.
On the other hand, yesterday a meeting was held in Cairo, capital of Egypt, in which the president of the presidential council, Muhammad al-Manfi, the president of the Libyan parliament, Aqila Saleh, and the commander of the national army, Khalifa Haftar, took part. participated. , together. Discuss ways to resolve the political stalemate and hold elections by uniting Libya’s military establishment, according to the sources, a well-informed Libyan told Al-Ittihad reporter.
The sources noted that the meetings, which were accused of being top secret, started yesterday morning with a meeting with the head of Egypt’s National Committee on Libya and a joint tripartite meeting between Libyan leaders. It lasted several hours and discussed a range of political and military issues and issues of oil fields and ports.
The Cairo meeting coincides with regional and international moves by the United States to remove Libya from the equation of the international conflict, since there is information about the possibility of using oil and gas weapons in a political or military conflict, which represents a great pressure on European countries, a strategic ally of the United States in a large number of files.
In Tripoli, the French ambassador to Libya, Mustafa Maharaj, praised the Presidential Council’s efforts to bring together all the parties involved in the political process, underlining his country’s support for the project of national reconciliation and the important steps taken. The presidential council is moving in that direction, informs the press office of the presidential council, as announced by the French ambassador during a meeting with the member of the Libyan presidential council, Abdullah Al-Lafi.
The press office of the Presidential Council noted that Al-Lafi discussed ways to strengthen relations between the two countries, as well as the latest events in the Libyan political scene and reviewed the most important ones in the meeting with the French ambassador. Results of the National Reconciliation Preparatory Forum during the past week.
Meanwhile, the French ambassador in Tripoli disclosed on his official Twitter account the details of the meeting with the member of the presidential council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, indicating that the latter informed him of the results of the preparatory meeting for national reconciliation. The conference was hosted by the capital, Tripoli, in recent days.
This came after Misrata City Council and people rejected the results of the Preparatory Forum for National Reconciliation, organized and supervised by the Presidential Council from 8 to 12 January. The Forum and its outcomes and its commitment to achieving real and comprehensive national reconciliation based on the Constitutional Declaration and the Justice Act. Bring criminals to justice and accountability, calling on all segments and components of the Libyan people to build the rule of law and institutions.
The statement said that “the results of the forum were flawed on all counts and that what transpired was nothing more than a dubious political settlement and did not represent a genuine initiative for reconciliation nor was it based on provisions.” The fundamentals of sharia, transitional justice, Libyan customs and traditions, of which the city of Misrata is a part, are my main objective in any real project, reconciliation with everyone and everything.”
The statement held the Libyan Presidential Council and its representative in the case of reconciliation morally and legally responsible for manipulating the reconciliation document and violating the February principles and social peace.

Source: Al Ittihad

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