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Post: Yemen warns of danger of “Houthi” escalation in region


Ahmed Shabani (Aden, Cairo)

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The government of Yemen has warned of the threat that Houthi terrorist militias pose to the entire region, accusing them of the absence of peace partners and witnessing the rapid decline of human rights in areas under their control, emphasizing that the extremist ideology embraced by terrorists . The militia is the reason for their aggressive behavior and their refusal to sue for peace.
The Foreign Minister of Yemen, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, in a meeting with the US Ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Harris Fagin, highlighted that the extremist ideology adopted by the terrorist Houthi militia is a rejection of their aggressive behavior and calls for peace. In Yemen, he indicates that militias have been established in areas under his control, creating a totalitarian regime through which he works to suppress personal freedom, abolish freedom of the press, opinion and expression, and repress women and their rights.
Ibn Mubarak explained that human rights are rapidly diminishing in areas controlled by the Houthi militia.
In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen, in a meeting with the Chargé d’Affaires of the Russian Embassy in Yemen, Yevgeny Kodrov, confirmed that the Government is open to all efforts to achieve peace in Yemen and is doing everything that is within your reach. to end the blow. restore security and stability and alleviate the suffering of Yemenis in all regions of Yemen.
The Yemeni minister also confirmed that the Houthi militia is not serious about implementing the right to peace, stating that it continues to reject all international efforts and efforts to end the war, regardless of the humanitarian situation in Yemen.
Yemeni political scientists have warned against the continued smuggling of weapons, missiles and aircraft by the Houthi militia, stressing that this militia escalation threatens neighboring countries and international shipping, hampers efforts to restore security and peace in Yemen and the region and undermines international relations cooperation. efforts to renew the truce.
Political analyst Dr. Abdul-Malik al-Yusifi considered the constant flow of weapons to be an escalation in the use of violence by the Houthi militia, as it confirms that the Houthis are a tool of subversion in the region and a threat to Yemen’s future. .
Al-Yousifi, speaking to Al-Ittihad, underlined the need to work to stop the supply of weapons to the militias, controlling the points through which the weapons pass and the crossing points.
For his part, the Yemeni journalist and political scientist Mahmoud al-Taher stated that the smuggling of weapons indicates to the terrorist militias the desire to attack the region and that we are close to a new wave of escalation, noting that this extends to continuous threats. This hypothesis is confirmed by the Houthis.
Al-Taher emphasized in a statement to Al-Ittihad that the supply of arms to the Houthi militia will not stop unless the group is eliminated, and that this requires a military move by the Yemeni government to control the entrances to the sea. . and impose strict controls to prevent smuggling and tighten and control land and sea ports. aerial inspection.

Source: Al Ittihad

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