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Post: In Russia, they will update the list of car breakdowns that are threatened with fines


“Kommersant”: a new list of car breakdowns threatened with fines

MOSCOW, January 16/ Radio Sputnik. The Russian government has prepared a new version of the list of malfunctions in which the use of cars is prohibited. Writer “Kommersant”.

The new version of the “list of faults and conditions”, in which vehicles are prohibited from starting, will allow inspectors to fine drivers for using summer tires in winter, driving a car with an inoperative anti-lock braking system, abnormal discharge lamps. headlights.

It was announced that from December to February drivers of cars and light trucks will be prohibited from driving with summer tires, and from June to August – with studded tires under the threat of a fine of 500 rubles, and zones will be possible. increase the duration of the ban.

The use of lamps in headlights whose class does not correspond to the class “specified in the working documents” will also be prohibited.

“They shine brighter than regular bulbs, but if installed outside the factory, they tend to dazzle oncoming traffic. An inoperative auto-leveling headlight supplied from the factory for a car would be a violation as well – working reversing light and brake lights,” he added.

According to the publication, the document could go into effect on 1 September if members of the working groups support the changes.

Earlier, Sputnik radio had issued a fine warning for “cheesecake” tied to a car.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegraph channel.

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