Post: A large cache of weapons and ammunition of the Ukrainian troops was found in the LPR

Ukrainian military transport equipment. archive photo

The LPR Ministry of State Security announced that a large cache of Ukrainian weapons was found in the Belovodsky district.

LUGANSK, January 17 – RIA Novosti. Employees of the Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People’s Republic uncovered a large deposit of weapons and ammunition belonging to the Ukrainian security forces in the Belovodsk region, RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the Ministry of State Security. LPR.

“The LPR Ministry of State Security, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, discovered a large arsenal of weapons in the Belovodsk district of the LPR,” the department representative said.

According to the Ministry of State Security, the cache belonged to the Kyiv troops, it contained, among other things, cartridges of various calibers, mines and fuses for them, grenades, trench grenades. The interlocutor of the organization stated that at the moment the employees of the department are taking measures to prevent and suppress terrorist and sabotage activities in the territory of the republic.

Source: Ria

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